Cake Flavours

Chocolate Truffle- Chocolate cake with a Lindt Chocolate Truffle filling

Strawberry Shortcake-  Light vanilla sponge filled with homemade strawberry preserves and a whipped cheesecake filling

Red Velvet-  Classic red velvet cake with a decadent cream cheese frosting

Salted Caramel-  Rich vanilla cake with a salted caramel buttercream filling

Linzer- Hazelnut financier cake with a chocolate-cassis ganache filling

Vanilla Passionfruit- Madagascar vanilla cake with a brilliant passionfruit curd filling

Coconut- Delicious coconut cake with a light coconut buttercream filling

Spice Cake- Rich spice cake with apple marmalade filling and a Honey Crisp apple buttercream

Mocha- Dark chocolate cake with a bold cappuccino buttercream

Summer Berry-  Lemon cake with summer berry jam and Tahitian vanilla buttercream

Pistachio Raspberry- Rich pistachio cake with a tangy raspberry buttercream filling

Campfire- Classic chocolate cake with a fluffy roasted marshmallow filling

Pumpkin Spice- Spicy pumpkin cake with a rich cream cheese filling

Dulce de Leche-  Banana cake with a caramely Dulce de Leche buttercream filling

Almond and Kirsch- Light almond genoise with a sweet morello cherry Kirsch buttercream filling


Custom flavours available upon request